B250 1/23/17

This was a very interesting week in B250. I did not know what to expect from this class, but I feel that it will be very beneficial. Some things that have really stood out to me are the principles that I feel are important when starting an online business, and any business for that matter.

First, there can be many difficult decisions when choosing a business model or even a product to sell…however, regardless of the choice there as to be passion involved. Doing something you are passionate about will make the experience that much better. Second, it is important to have goals in mind so that you know what path to take. Having a goal of where you want to be in the future. will help the process of where you need to be today. Third, there are many tools that are helpful in the business planning process. Adwords and the use of keywords can give great insight into how well a product might do in the online arena. Also, knowing these skills can make you valuable as an employee. Fourth, in order to find success you have to find something you are good at and do it well. It is important to do something unique that helps you stand out from everyone else.

These are some of the key takeaways that I had in class this last week, and I feel that they will really help me now and in the future. Lastly, here is a link that I found helpful in choosing a business idea.



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